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We Make it Easy to Take Better Care Of Your People

Do You Know If Your Benefits Are Competitive?

Did you know that top employees regularly compare their benefits to the ones being offered at your competitors? If your packages aren’t up to snuff, you could be losing talent and making recruiting more difficult.

Plan designs and pricing vary dramatically and can change over time, making it difficult to keep up with market shifts. At McGrath Affinity, we operate as an extension of your team actively working to discover and integrate competitive features while controlling costs.

Don’t Have Time To Analyze Your Benefits Packages? Leave The Job To Us.

Benefits packages change quickly. What was seen as valuable one year might be considered out-of-date the next. What was affordable yesterday might be costing you more than necessary today. So, it begs the question – Are your benefits competitive?

If it’s years since you compared your benefits offerings, it’s time for a review. We can help.

Single Point of Contact

Simplify your benefit offerings with a single point of contact for all benefits through McGrath Affinity. Not only will you have the convenience of only reaching out to one contact, but your employees will also appreciate having access to our optional Benefits Call Center to access information about all of their benefits.

Consolidation and Coordination

From start to finish, the McGrath Affinity process is designed to streamline your team’s benefits experience. We are immersed in the benefits market. Let our experience work to your advantage with regular analysis of your benefits packages and recommendations for how you can become more competitive.

Annual Reporting and Analysis

Every year, you’ll receive an annual value report of the top options for your group. This takes into account your carrier plan changes, as well as the current demographics of your group. If there are better options available, we coordinate making those changes for you, so you’re always offering the most competitive benefits with the best solutions for your business, your HR department, and your entire team.

Quality Assured

The benefits you offer your employees are a direct reflection of your brand. If they’re low-quality, you could unknowingly tarnish your image. We’ll help you find the highest quality benefits packages for your people and your situation. By giving your employees the best, you’ll get their best performance in return. It’s a win-win scenario.


Employee Benefits

From life and disability to full medical and beyond, we set your business up with the core benefits employees demand from today’s employers. We’ll help you find the highest quality and the most cost-effective benefits options for your team.


Voluntary Benefits

Why not let your employees decide what kind of benefits they need? We offer voluntary benefits so your team can choose what they want to have and have it automatically deducted from their paycheck.


Employee Purchasing

What if you could give your employees the ability to buy what they needed, when they needed it? With Employee Purchasing, you can set up payroll deduction plans that are interest-free for your employees and risk-free for your business.


Employee Discount Programs

Where do your employees spend their time and their money? Give them the benefit of a reduced cost to some of their favorite places using our private, customizable website designed specifically for your team.

Happy Employees Are the Best Employees

Your job is to take care of your people. Our job is to make that task as easy as possible. Ready to get started? Reach out to us today to talk about how we can help your business attract and retain top talent with better benefits.