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Enhancing the Lives of Your Employees One Benefit at a Time

A benefit is so much more than just a benefit – especially when a family gets the health care or speciality coverage they need. At McGrath Affinity Benefits, we offer a variety of employee benefits to your team as a way to enrich their lives in both traditional and innovative ways. Our team of experts create meaningful and cost-effective benefits package for you and your team. Giving your people the most value for your organization’s invest.

What Makes McGrath Affinity Benefits Different?

We make you more competitive by giving you more value for your benefits investment and reducing the time your team spends administering them.

We’re entrenched in the world of benefits, and we understand better than anyone out there the importance of offering value to your team.

What you offer above and beyond a paycheck matters to your employees. They pay attention to what they’re getting more than you might think. If you want to compete for the best talent in the job market today, you need a way to aggressively stay on top of what’s available for your team. We help you do just that by conducting regular reviews and recommending the most innovative, attractive employee benefits packages out there.

When you work with McGrath Affinity Benefits, you’ll get:

Experienced benefit experts on your side

Scalable benefits to grow alongside your business

Regular analysis reports to show how competitive your benefits are

Attractive benefits packages to recruit and retain talent

More time to focus on other HR tasks

Exceptional customer service

People-Friendly Benefits

Employee Benefits

Investing in your employees should feel good for everybody. We work with you to put together cost-effective health, dental, and vision plans (and more) giving your employees more value and your team more time to spend on other HR objectives.

Employee Purchasing

Employee Purchasing makes it easier for your employees to get the products they need without draining their household budget on high interest rates. As an employer, you can offer that payment plan interest-free to your employees at no risk to your business.

Voluntary Benefits

Let’s face it. No two employees are the same and that’s how you like it. But that doesn’t mean each employee shouldn’t be able to get what they want. By offering multiple voluntary benefits to choose from, you can give each employee something that will fit their individual need.

Employee Discounts

From discounts at restaurants to discounts on travel and everything in between, your employees deserve to have a program that lets them save their hard-earned money.  With our employee discount programs, your people can get meaningful savings and your team your team gets a program that is virtually effortless to maintain.

Getting Started is Easy

We want to make it as simple as possible to give your people more. Schedule a call with one of our benefits experts to uncover where you can gain a competitive edge.