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McGrath Affinity Benefits

McGrath Affinity Benefits provides organizations with the services they need to run an efficient, productive, and competitive human resources department.

Everything we do centers around giving you and your people the best experience. From actively seeking out the most competitive carrier plans and options, to consolidating your payroll and coordinating carriers, offering a single contact for you and your employees to get answers about benefits, we work hard to strategically improve and simplify your HR department.

Our Focus: Giving You and Your People the Best Experience

We know you have a lot on your plate. That’s why, from start to finish, we actively work to streamline your team’s benefits experience.

We start by doing the legwork to research and analyze the best options for your team. Then, you’re delivered a value report of the best plans that we think will offer the greatest value to your people and their unique needs.

Once a plan is chosen, we coordinate all of the meetings with the carriers and fine tune the marketing and communication strategies for all of the benefits offered. You’ll get customized materials based on your specifications, making it as easy as possible for your team to understand and access their benefits.

To simplify the payroll experience, we offer payroll consolidation, allowing the deductions for your benefits to be managed through a single payroll slot. This is all done in an effort to give you and your team the best possible experience with your benefits, so your brand stays competitive in your industry.

Guidance From the Industry’s Best

The way you treat your employees is a direct representation of your brand. Invest in them, and they’ll actively work to bring your business the best results, keep your customers happy, and share the good word about what your organization offers. We make it easier to bolster your brand while improving the lives of your employees by finding you the highest quality benefits packages available at the best price.

Quality Guaranteed

At McGrath Affinity, you always get the industry’s best people guiding you on which plans will bring your company the best value. We deliver personalized, high-touch guidance from a team of experts who are fully immersed in the world of benefits.

Let’s Talk

Your people deserve the best. Your business deserves to give your team the best. Let us help you create a loyal workforce by cultivating the right benefits packages and services for your team.

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