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We’ll Help You Design, Build, and Run Your Voluntary Benefits Program

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our decades of experience in the benefits industry, it’s this: There is a dramatically wide variety of plan designs and pricing available for organizations today. These plan designs and price structures don’t remain stagnant either. They ebb and flow with the times, making it hard for any business to keep up with the latest and most cost effective offerings out there. That’s where we come in.

At McGrath Affinity, we do the research and legwork for you, ensuring that you’re always offering the most competitive voluntary benefits available for your team.

Problem Solvers

A Team of Experts Working for You

When you partner with McGrath Affinity, you automatically get a team of experts in your back pocket. We work to make the process of continually finding the best voluntary benefits as hassle free as possible for both you and your employees. Here’s more about our unique approach.


Step 1: Go To Market

From start to finish our process is designed to streamline your team’s benefits experience. We go to the market, analyze the best options for your team, and provide you with a value report of which plans we think offer the greatest value to your people and their specific needs.


Step 2: Streamline the Implementation and Maintenance of All Programs Offered

Carrier Coordination: Once you’ve chosen a carrier based on our value report, we’ll handle the coordination of all of the meetings and serve as your company’s single point of contact for questions along the way. We’ll also coordinate the marketing and communication strategies for all of the benefits offered, creating custom materials based on your specifications.

Payroll Consolidation: We can simplify your payroll experience by consolidating deductions, so that they can be managed through a single payroll slot.

Employee Help Center: We know that fielding employee questions can be time consuming. To take this burden off of your HR team’s shoulders, we can provide an employee benefits call center that your employees can reach out to with any questions about the benefits you offer. Your team will also have a single point of contact for all benefits offered.

In short, we quickly become your one-stop contact for everything benefits related, dramatically simplifying your benefits.


Step 3: Conduct an Annual Analysis and Value Reports

To keep your programs as fresh and innovative as possible (and to keep your business as competitive as possible), we provide you with an annual benefits analysis and value report. This way, you are sure that you’re keeping up with the ever changing, fast-paced benefits plans and offerings.

What Goes into our Voluntary Benefits Programs?

The short answer is, it depends. It depends on your company and the demographics of your workforce. What do your employees want? What do they need? What can you give them that will wow them? That’s where we enter.

Whether it is employee discount programs or voluntary solutions, we will help you grow, engage, and retain your team with the right benefit programs for your company.

You win, too. Every voluntary benefits program through McGrath Affinity Benefits is backed by a service-minded team. Our job is to support you every step of the way, making it as simple as possible to give your employees what they want and need.


Permanent (Whole and Universal) and Term Life Insurance. Help employees ensure their loved ones are protected.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance can help employees protect savings during treatment and recovery from a critical condition.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Indemnity Insurance provides a cash benefit for each day an employee is confined in a hospital for a covered illness or injury.

Accident Insurance

Accident Insurance helps protect employees from the financial burden resulting from a covered accident.

Short and Long-Term Disability

Short-term Disability Insurance can help protect employees’ income if they’re injured or ill. Long-term Disability coverage provides employees with income if they’re unable to work for a longer period of time.

Auto and Home and Pet Insurance

Attract and retain top employees by offering the insurance they need at a discount.

Legal and Identity Theft

Give employees the help they need to be more financially prepared and protected. Offer a group legal or identity theft plan.

Employee Purchasing Programs

Employee Purchasing programs offer you a simple way to improve the quality of life of your employees and their families by giving them a responsible, interest-free way to make major household purchases through payroll deduction.

McGrath Affinity Benefits