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5 Things Every HR Professional Should Know About Unified Billing

Add More Hours to Your Day

Say so long to tedious administration and hello to putting your benefits in a single payroll slot. It’s a simpler way to manage your offerings.

  • 1. Why is Unified Billing better?

    Unified Billing means less work for your team and never having to worry about the administration of adding or changing payroll-deducted benefits again. You simply set it up once and then any number of benefits can be available through that same deduction slot. Programs can be added or changed without any disruption to payroll.

  • 2. How does Unified Billing work?

    Unified Billing works through a billing system that involves the consolidation of multiple products from (potentially) multiple providers onto a single bill. A single payroll deduction can be made for each employee for any number of benefit programs. Likewise, a single remittance can be made by the employer for any number of employees, and for any number of insurance and/or benefit providers.

  • 3. Will Unified Billing reduce the number of statements my office handles?

    Yes, through Unified Billing, the number of incoming billing statements that need to be handled by you will be reduced, as well as the number of checks to be issued. A per employee subtotal for the combined benefits in which that employee is participating drastically simplifies the payroll deduction and premium payment process.

  • 4. How do I know my system will be compatible?

    The files are offered in the format most convenient to you, the employer. Our pooling system acts as translator, providing a simple user-defined interface to both the Employer and the Benefit Provider, while performing complex tasks behind the scenes at a cost savings to both.

  • 5.How fast can Unified Billing be implemented?

    The standard for setting up a group once all required information has been received is 4 weeks. Additional time may be required to accommodate custom programming and file formats (up to 45 days, depending upon the complexity of the format). The sooner we become involved in the case set-up process, the better!

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