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7 Advantages to Outsourcing Voluntary Benefits


The right Voluntary Benefits outsourcing team offers expertise and reduces your administrative burden, without increasing the cost to your organization.

  • 1. One point of contact for all programs

    We provide innovative solutions and a common sense approach. All your programs will be coordinated through a single point of contact. We coordinate with all parties to ensure that you get the programs and information you need to best serve your employees.

  • 2. Single payroll slot solution

    Unified billing through our single payroll slot solution means less work for your team and ensures that you never have to worry about the administration of adding or changing payroll-deducted benefits again. After a one-time set-up process, any number of benefits can be available through that same deduction. Programs can be added or changed without any disruption to payroll.

  • 3. No financial cost to you

    Voluntary Benefits Outsourcing is a proven solution that reduces the costs associated with administering voluntary benefits for both employers and the providers. The compensation for our extra layer of service comes exclusively from the provider side.

  • 4. Hassle-free administration

    Employers are often faced with benefit administrative costs. These are associated with coordinating with multiple providers, reconciling multiple bills from several benefit providers, managing changes in employees, collecting and remitting premiums, etc. By offering one point of contact for all programs through our single payroll slot solution, we consolidate all employee benefits onto one platform, eliminating inefficiencies, improving processing times, and turning hours of administration into just minutes.

  • 5. Carrier coordination

    We review the marketplace and administer RFP’s to select the best-in-class carriers and products to meet your defined objectives. Once the final carriers are selected, we coordinate with all parties through implementation, ongoing follow-up, and program performance evaluations.

  • 6. Marketing and communication design and support

    Communication is key to the successful launch of any initiative and that goes for double if you are an HR team seeking to implement new benefits that you want your employees to know about. Our marketing and communications team is dedicated to pooling all the available resources to let your people know about all the new benefits that are available for them to choose from.

  • 7. Robust reporting

    Tracking and reporting helps you to understand your people better. Through our platform we have the ability to customize reports to your unique specifications.

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